About the Author

Jacqui MurrayJacqui Murray is a retired business woman who made the decision to ‘give back’ to the country she loved. She became a teacher and taught thousands of students from kindergarten through college. This is the story of one, and representative of many who have made the choice of a military career.

Jacqui was born in Berkley California to Irish-German parents. After receiving a BA in Economics, a BA in Russian and an MBA, and spent twenty years working in business while teaching business classes at community colleges. She now teaches computer science to grades K-5 while pursuing her writing.

Besides writing Building a Midshipman, she won the Southern California Writers Conference’s Outstanding Fiction Award for her upcoming techno-thriller, To Hunt a Sub (excerpt available on Scribd.com). She’s currently working on a paleo-historic character-driven novel, Born in a Treacherous Time (excerpt available on Scribd.com) . She lives in Laguna Hills CA with her husband, adult son and two beautiful Labradors.


  1. I know where that picture was taken!

  2. Great graduation, huh

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